“I grabbed the tube of paint and squirted it straight out and luckily it went just right!”

Jack is based in Wales and has exhibited in a variety of exhibitions in the South.  He has continued to paint since leaving University, often undertaking private commissions for individual clients.  Throughout Jack’s life there has been a burning passion for art and creativity, which is reflected in his works bursting with a sense of spontaneity and full of life.  His Movement in Birds series, which forms much of his current portfolio, explodes with colour and vigour as the acrylic is splashed across his hessian canvases in an attempt to convey birds in action.  Jack is often found to use other painting tools such as toothbrushes, in conjunction with his standard pot of brushes to convey the different ways you can flick paint onto the canvas – this method and its’ result is unique and instantly recognizable.

“With the hessian canvas sometimes a blob of paint will just sit on the weave, and it helps to make it three dimensional, the image changes as you look.”